The Tuition Fee Lookup Tool is an informational service for students and potential applicants. The official tuition fee schedules are those approved annually by the Governing Council. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the Tool completely and accurately reflects the approved fees, in the event of any discrepancy, the fee schedules posted in the Governing Council meeting materials will prevail.

The Tuition Fee Lookup Tool Primarily provides tuition fees based on the rates for full-time students, with a few noted exceptions. Most undergraduate part-time fees are pro-rated on a per-course basis relative to the full-time rates. Most graduate part-time fees are set at 30% of the annual full-time rates.

These fee schedules do not include all of the relevant fees for each of the programs listed. For complete information regarding tuition and other incidental fees, please visit Student Accounts.

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The fee schedules for 2024-25 were approved by Governing Council at its meeting on April 4, 2024.  Fee changes are effective May 1st of each year. 

For most programs, full-time undergraduate tuition covers a full-time course load in the Fall/Winter sessions. Undergraduate students taking additional courses in the summer term are charged an additional fee. Most graduate programs have an “annualized” program fee that covers the Fall/Winter/Spring period.

The preliminary international student tuition fees for 2025-26 are displayed above for information for planning purposes. They are subject to the Governing Council’s review and approval in Spring 2025.

Domestic tuition fees for new programs are subject to Ministry review and approval.

Tuition fee increases for continuing students comply with the Provincial Government’s Domestic Tuition Fee Framework, and with the University’s internal Fee Level Commitment for Continuing Students for the normal length of a full-time program. The normal length of program is typically two to four years, with some exceptions for longer doctoral or undergraduate programs that incorporate an extra foundation, co-op, or internship year. Students who exceed the normal length of their program will be charged the same tuition as students in the final year of that program.

Graduate master’s program students must pay a minimum degree fee based on the declared full-time length of their program at the time of entry.  Full-time students who accelerate and finish their degree requirements in less time than the declared full-time program length and part-time students who have not paid at least the minimum degree fee are required to pay a balance of degree fee that is assessed prior to graduation as outlined on the School of Graduate Studies’ fees website.

Tuition fees for self-funded programs that do not receive operating grant support from the Ontario government and tuition fees for most international students are not subject to provincial fee regulations.

Tuition fees for most combined and double degree programs by year of study are based on the fees for the individual degree program involved.

The combined degree programs involving Arts & Science, UTM, and UTSC HBA and HBSc programs are restricted to specific combinations of specialist, major, or minor programs. Please refer to the respective divisional academic calendar for further details.

For combined, dual or double degree programs that combine undergraduate and graduate programs, fee information can only be accessed by selecting an undergraduate or international fee category value.

For dual degree programs with partner institutions, in some year(s) and/or term(s) the tuition fees will be charged by the partner institution. Please refer to those institution’s websites for information.