Ancillary Fees

Divisions review and propose changes to ancillary fees as part of their budget planning processes in the fall of each year. Planning & Budget reviews the proposed fee changes to ensure compliance with the Ministry’s and the University’s ancillary fee policies and consolidates the changes for approval by the Vice-President Operations and Real Estate Partnerships.

Cost recovery ancillary fees (Category 5) and administrative user fees and fines (Category 6) are reported to Business Board in early spring. Fee changes are effective May 1st of each year.


2023-24 Category 5, Category 6 and Schedule A Ancillary Fee Schedules – Current starting May 1, 2023 

  • Category 5: Cost Recovery
  • Category 6: Administrative User Fees and Fines
  • Schedule A: Fees Charged for Services not Subject to MCU Guidelines or University Policy
Archived Category 5 and 6 Ancillary Fee Schedules