Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are set through consultation with the academic divisions and within the University’s Tuition Fee Policy, the Statement of Commitment Regarding International Students, and the Provincial Government’s Domestic Tuition Framework.  Most discussions concerning proposed tuition fee changes occur as part of the annual Academic Budget Review (ABR) consultations that are scheduled in the fall of each year.

The Provost reviews the proposed tuition fees as part of the annual budget consolidation process, and brings the proposed fees forward to Governing Council for review and approval in the spring. The fee schedules for 2021-22 were approved by Governing Council at its meeting on April 6th, .

Tuition fees for self-funded programs that do not receive operating grant support from the Ontario government and tuition fees for most international students are not subject to provincial fee regulations. 

Consistent with the University’s Tuition Fee Policy, the University has a differentiated structure of tuition fees across its programs.  In setting the fees for each particular program, the following additional factors may be taken into account:

  • The academic plans and aspirations of each academic division, and the level of resources necessary to achieve high program quality.
  • Program costs.
  • The level of fees of competitor programs of similar quality.
  • The future income prospects of graduates.
  • The balance between private and public sources of funding.
  • Intra-university cross- subsidies where appropriate.