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Office of the Assistant Vice President

Assistant Vice-President, Planning & BudgetJeff Lennon416.978.1929
Executive Assistant & Business OfficerTreena D’Souza416.978.7116

Executive Director, Institutional Planning &
Budget Administration
Academic Planning & Analysis

This team provides support for academic long range planning such as managing the Provost’s Academic Budget Review (ABR) process, projections of operating revenues, divisional revenue budget allocations, budget metrics, Government operating grants, interdivisional teaching, graduate and undergraduate student aid budgets, datasets for program quality reviews, data on faculty, and other data & analyses on academic activities.

Manager: Mike Snowdon

Budget Administration, Reporting & Information Systems

This team provides support for the implementation and administration of the University’s annual budget including cost centre plans, the annual Blue Book detailed budget summary, compensation planning, and in-year budget revisions. They also support the President’s annual Divisional Advisory Committee (DAC) process to review shared service portfolio funding proposals, prepare the university wide cost allocations, and provide back-office financial support services to several shared service portfolios. 

Manager: Al Lecointe

Enrolment and Tuition Fees Planning & Analysis

This team prepares the University’s multi-year enrolment plan that forecasts program enrolments and tuition fee revenue across all divisional for-credit programs and is a key input into the University’s overall budget plan. They monitor in-year application activity and intake projections, manage compliance with the Provincial tuition fee framework and enrolment reporting requirements, manage the annual setting of category 5 and 6 ancillary fees, prepare the annual Enrolment and Tuition Fee reports, and provide data & analyses on enrolment and fees related issues.

Director: Ken DeBaeremaeker

Manager: Jonathan Bendiner

Planning & Analytics

This team provides support for data analysis and visualization projects across the portfolio such as Tableau budget and occupancy dashboards, P&B SharePoint site, enrolment planning cubes, and facilitates access to and transformation of data. They also prepare the University’s official enrolment count and degrees awarded submissions to Government and associated audit activities.

Team Lead: Kelly Raposo

Institutional Research & Data Governance

Executive Director, Institutional Research &
Data Governance
Kiren Handa416.978.5293

This team provides leads institutional wide analysis projects, implements analytics tools and platforms, provides training for divisional analysts, and provides access to curated institutional data sets. The team is also developing an institutional data governance program, providing consistent and clear guidance around creating, accessing, using, and defining the University’s institutional data, while managing the associated risks, responsibilities, and legal obligations. 

institutional DATA GOVERNANCE

This team establishes and provides consistent and clear guidance around creating, accessing, using, and defining the University’s institutional data, while managing the associated risks, responsibilities, and legal obligations.

Manager:  Jeff Waldman

Reporting & Analytics

This team oversees external reporting of institutional data, including SMA metrics, key performance indicators for governance, international rankings, and data exchanges with peer institutions.

Director:  Asmaa Maloul

data engineering & platforms

Team description TBC

Director:  TBD