The Planning and Budget Office will strive to provide continuous improvement to the Budget Model and the processes that support it. Our innovation is emulated by our open and collaborative culture; our curiosity to learn, try and fail; and our ability to implement, maintain and build upon solutions that improve decision making for the University.


The Planning and Budget Office strives to uphold integrity in all of its endeavours. We communicate openly and honestly, while exercising discretion when necessary. Our integrity is exemplified in producing accurate, timely information to provide a reliable basis upon which divisions can build their plans. Our integrity also extends to the composition of our office, with our three subgroups acting as one interconnected whole to ensure consistency.


We strive to foster an environment wherein staff can contribute to creating devolved and adaptive budgeting processes that support decision-makers, in responding to changing environmental and operational factors. We aim to accomplish this by building innovative budget planning tools that allow the University community to respond to challenges faster, with imaginative strategies and customized solutions. Our leadership legacy will be exemplified in our people – their quality and their service to the University; in our operations – the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation; in our accountability – through the judicious manner in which we approach financial management; and in our support of advocacy at the post-secondary education level.


Quality is a common thread running through the diverse ways the Planning and Budget Office meets the needs of our clients both inside and outside of the University community. It is reflected in the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise we bring to bear in providing this diversity of products and services. Accuracy, materiality, clarity and concision are key quality components in Planning and Budget’s analyses, reports, presentations, and other customer services.


Service Orientation involves responding to the requests of others in a prompt and efficient manner, treating them with respect and keeping them informed. We strive to understand, anticipate and take into account our clients’ needs, and put ourselves in their shoes. We believe great service comes from knowledge, experience and from the heart.